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Waiting on Penelope

This is one cool family!  I love meeting families that love music, love art, and love each other!  They were up for anything;  Me: Hey guys, let’s walk across the street here like the Beatles on the cover the White Album?  Them: OK!!

They are all excited to meet Miss Penelope Rose, I think Mr. Ben most of all!  🙂  He was so sweet to his mommy the whole time, and really cared for her bump!  🙂

I remember (almost two years ago) when I was pregnant with my twin babies, seems like a lifetime ago.  But I was on complete bed rest at 16 weeks and was only allowed to be up to shower on days I had to go to the doctor for check ups.  I wasn’t this vibrant, cute, glowing pregnant woman.  Ugh!  But, I did manage to keep my babies safe until week 27 when they born.  With the help of many, many people.  Thank you Shannon and Jackie and Dr. Anderson, I would have been a mess without you all.

Rachel looked like the picture of what a pregnancy is “supposed” to be!  Ha!  Beautiful and radiant and overjoyed with anticipation.  I loved being able to spend this time with her family as it is today, just the 3 of them.  And then soon I’ll meet Penelope and then be able to capture them as a family of four.  Thanks for letting me take pictures of you, it’s my favorite thing to do!




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