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Directionally Challenged

Everything in life takes direction.  Everything.  Your life itself is going in a direction.  I have been, most of my life, a directionally obsessive person.  I think I got that from my mother.  🙂  I have to know when and where and what and sometimes even why.  I have grown to recognize this about myself and be somewhat displeased by it.  My family and I just returned from our first official summer vacation.  A dream come true for me, btw!  And I was constantly asking; when will we be here, what will we do when we get there, what time will we leave, how much time will we spend here, and on and on.  I was stopped in my tracks and reminded to breathe, be easy in the travels, soak in the world, and make time for the uncertainty.  Ahhhhhh….

I have to say that it’s easy for me to question the direction my life takes from time to time but in this moment I know that it is for my growth and it is all for lessons to be learned.  When I became pregnant with the twins and I was put on bed rest and forced to quit my job to stay home and care for them, I questioned it.  But when my mom became ill and needed help during her final months it became clear why my life had taken that direction.  In this moment I know that situations arise to put you in a position to go in a new direction, to take a left when you were prepared to take a right.  I am thankful for this.

So here I am now looking for direction but open to a left turn or a right turn.  I am ready to accept whichever way I am to go.


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