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The happiest days of my life…

I am living the happiest days of my life.  This morning I was holding my almost 4 month old nephew and watching my almost 16 month old twins play in the living room.  Toys and motorcycles and balls and diapers are everywhere in our house and it is messy and comfortable all at the same time.  Sesame Street is on the TV and iphones are blaring Kids Bop songs and the kids are screaming and dancing and it is the funniest thing I have every seen.  Our children are so fun!  I am so happy to be their mom!

For months I have been asked why I haven’t taken my own pictures of our kiddos and I have always said that it would probably be difficult and they would just want to hug me instead of sit 10 feet away from me and look cute.  Excuses.  So yesterday I decided I would try to take Easter pictures of our kids so that I could test out the new set, hoping for the best.  And it was just like taking pictures of just about any kids that age.  They were restless and wanted to run outside but they were precious and set through one whole verse of Itsy Bitsy Spider.  So I got a couple of good pictures so that I can show everyone an example of what their kids Easter pictures may look like.  Jenny and I have more to add and more practicing to do.  Table, decor, backdrop swag, etc.  It’s going to be adorable.


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